Let’s take a look at some fun facts about our favourite Japanese dish!

  1. The wasabi you are served in sushi restaurants is most likely not real wasabi. It’s a combination of horseradish and mustard powder dyed green to look like the real deal.
  2. Sushi is supposed to be eaten with your fingers. Chopsticks are for sashimi. Get it right.
  3. Wasting soy sauce is bad form. Put the teensiest amount in your dish and top it up as necessary. Your wastage will be frowned upon.
  4. Do NOT dip the sushi rice in soy sauce. It will fall apart in your cup. Turn it upside down and dip the fish instead. Celebrate good form.
  5. 80% of Blue Fin Tuna caught in the world is made into sushi and sashimi
  6. Sushi chef’s knives are sharpened every single day to ensure paper-thin slices of fish
  7. The term “sushi” refers to the vinegar rice, NOT the fish
  8. Mixing wasabi with soy sauce can be offensive to the chef
  9. Western styles of sushi incorporating bizarre foodstuff like beef, okra and avocado are frowned upon and rarely actually found in Japan.
  10. Good sushi rice is sticky and chewy, but not too much so

– Nomster Tori

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