#chocolateweek: Matt’s The Chocolate Shop

The Matt’s The Chocolate Shop out at One Raffles Place occupies a small cozy booth in the basement. The fact that it has virtually no seating space means that patrons usually drop by to get a take out . We were told that their speciality Tiramisu and Dark Chocolate Fudge Cake is popular amongst the office workers working in the nearby central business district and often lives up to their expectations as a chocolate specialist.

Matthew’s love for baking and experimentation with different recipes allowed him to perfect his unique chocolate cake recipe. He often baked chocolate cakes for his colleagues while he was working in the office and the popularity of his chocolate cakes amongst his co-wokers spurred him to pursue his interest in baking. Soon, what started out as a hobby soon became something more and resulted in the birth of Matt’s The Chocolate Shop. Starting in mid-2012, Matt’s chocolate has since expanded from an outlet in Amoy Street to the second which is conveniently located at One Raffles Place. Here’s our take on the food from the somewhat limited menu of The Chocolate Shop.


One of Matt’s The Chocolate Shop’s speciality is the Double Layer Tiramisu. It consists of ladyfinger biscuits that are heavily soaked with Espresso and Baileys as a base and topped with mascarpone cream that is light and not too overpowering. The cream is good and just about the right sweetness. However, the ladyfinger biscuits were slightly too moist making the Tiramisu too soggy. Overall, the Double Layer Tiramisu is a good treat but is definitely not worth the hefty $10.( In our opinion, anyway)



Another speciality that Matt’s The Chocolate Shop has to offer is the Matt’s Fudge Cake ($4). Matt’s Fudge Cake, a chocolate caked topped with chocolate ganache, did not impress us as much as the Double Layer Tiramisu did. We thought that the cake could have been marginally more moist and ironically, Matt’s Fudge Cake seemed to not have any fudge in it. Overall, we feel that Matt’s Fudge Cake was overrated and, although it is reasonably good-tasting, it is not as impressive as many people before us say it was. With the texture of moist dirt and what appeared to be sticky icing with thick chocolate water, what was claimed to be the best item on the menu was actually the worst.

Rating: 2.5/5


Finally, the Chocolate Chip cookies($6) was the saving grace of the store. The portion was just enough to fill your appetite for a tasty treat and its bite sized shape makes it easy to chew and eat. The crispy-ness of the cookie is complimented by the slightly salty tinge that elevates the flavour of the cookie and gives it a unique edge. Without being too sweet, the chocolate chip cookies gives you just enough to satisfy your sweet tooth.Let the delicious feel of chocolate slowly melting in your mouth allow you to become one with the cookie; pure unadulterated happiness you can hold in your hands.

  Rating: 4/5

On the whole Matt’s Chocolate shop did not really live up to our expectations as a chocolate dish serving specialist. Although, as all the cakes contain half the sugar content of your typical chocolate cake, this could be a longed for alternative for those who are more health conscious. Our verdict? An OK snack to pick up if you’re in the area and craving chocolate, but definitely not something travelling specifically for.

-Nomster Cordelia, Nomster Jayshan, Nomster Lucas, Nomster Markus and Nomster Amrit



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