Cause we are Monsters when we Nom

Food is our common ground. A universal experience.

– James Beard

Brought to you by a group of ravenous teens, who lose themselves in the love of food. And in the process of savouring each bite.

We believe that there is something at the very core of our existence, that unifies us as one – humans full of passion, and nothing explains this more than food. Across cultures, cuisines, gender, race and religion, people love food. We have evolved from our cavemen days of merely needing food. We now want, crave, dream and create food. The same way chocolate has developed throughout the centuries, from a bitter cocoa seed grounded into a drink (think coffee) to a silky brown liquid that is moulded into solid gold-like bars, our food ruminations and degustations have unfolded into art.

So we have come to this. And in all youthful appreciation of food, we are not holding back. Join us while we explore the realms of all things edible. The history, artistry and chemistry behind our food.

It is time to unleash the inner beast in you. Join us monsters, as we nom our way through real food.

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